Friday, December 8, 2023
Fast Food
Alex Lowe

McDonald’s has a new Starbucks competitor launching soon, called CosMc’s

McDonald’s is for the first time creating a sub brand it is calling ‘CosMc’s’ and it looks to be going after Starbucks with a focus on beverages, snack foods as well as hosting some iconic McDonald’s foot items. The first location is to open in the US later this month in Chicago with 10 more locations planned to open in the US in 2024.

At this stage, there isn’t any official communication on whether this will come to the UK, but we do know that the company is focusing on the US for now. McDonald’s says that the new CosMc’s locations take up less space than a standard McDonald’s store, has less food on the menu and focuses on drinks, sweet treats as well as some other items such as the Egg McMuffin and McFlurry.

The name CosMc’s comes from and old McDonaldland character from the 80s and 90s. Back in those days, the company used a lot of mascots in its marketing. In recent years, McDonald’s has been bringing one or two back, pulling on nostalgia – something that can be seen with the Grimace Birthday Meal.

Regarding expansion, Chris Kempczinski the McDonald’s chief executive said that this concept might go global:

“It’s not worth our time to develop an idea that will only work in one market. Let me emphasise again, we’re talking about 10 stores. The big story isn’t about CosMc’s, per se. The big story is what it says about McDonald’s and our potential.”

Chris Kempczinski

More information can be found on the dedicated website for the new store as well as the proposed menu.

Source: McDonald’s USA

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