Sunday, November 12, 2023
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti UniFi Talk UK launch pushed back again by a few weeks

The release date of Ubiquiti’s phone service, UniFi Talk here in the UK has been up in the air for a number of months at this stage. On the official Ubiquiti store, it has mentioned a release date of Q3 2023 for the past six months. However, Q3 came and went at the end of September. Then there was some information from Cody, from Mactelecom Networks who had some inside information pointing towards a release on Friday 10th November, however this never happened and UI-Glenn on the official Ubiquiti Community commented and said it wouldn’t happen on that day.

UI-Glenn further went on to say that it would not be today (10th Nov) but later in the coming weeks.

UniFi Talk is Ubiquiti’s second attempt at a fully managed and affordable VoIP system and the company does seem to be putting more effort into this one. The service has a new line of phones, affordable plans and the ability to host th service with Ubiquiti direct. If you prefer, you can use third party SIP services. So far, the service is available in the US and Canada with a plan to come to the UK soon and following that, Germany.

Source: Ubiquiti Community

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