Thursday, May 30, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti's first outdoor WiFi 7 AP is the UniFi U7-Outdoor

Today, Ubiquiti has announced three new UniFi WiFi 7 access points, the new U7 Pro Max, U7 Pro Wall and this, the new U7 Outdoor. This new AP will cost $199 in the US when it becomes available on 17th June and prices for other regions are likely due in a few weeks. The U7 Outdoor is a bit different to other outdoor UniFi APs that Ubiquti has made, as it focuses on being directional first and omni-directional second. Within the UniFi Application, the beamwidth of the AP will be configurable in order to provide optimal coverage, but for omni-directional applications, Ubiquiti has included antennas should they be requred.


Being a 'U7' device, we know that this supports 802.11be, which is more commonly known as WiFi 7. This means that it should have support for 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz. However, while the new U7 Pro Max and U7 Pro Wall both support 6GHz, for some reason the U7 Outdoor does not. However, even with the 802.11be improvements on 5GHz, the max throughput when compared to 802.11ax has jumped from 2.4Gbps to 4.3Gbps.

For the integrated antenna, it is pretty beefy with 8dBi on 2.4GHz and 12.5dBi on 5GHz. That omni antenna seems identical to what the UK-Ultra and AC-Mesh has, as it is only 3dBi on 2.4GHz and 4dBi on 5GHz. As the connectors are standard RP-SMA, you could use any WiFi antenna you wanted.

The 2.4GHz antenna has a 90° beam width and the 5GHz is 45°. Ubiquiti is also quoting a 5,000ft² coverage amount, when using the built-in "directional super antenna"


The new U7 Outdoor is listed on the official Ubiquiti store now in the US for $199 and will be available on 17th June.

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