Friday, February 2, 2024
Alex Lowe

UISP Router 5.0.0 launches with support for a GUI for the first time

Ubiquiti has recently launched UISP Router 5.0.0 to the Early Access software program, bringing support for a local GUI to the UISP Console, UISP Router and UISP Router Pro for the very first time. Ubiquiti has been putting some renewed focus on some of the UISP wired devices with the UISP Switch also getting a GUI recently and some remote access improvements too for the EdgeRouter and UISP devices.

EdgeOS for the EdgeRouter was first built quite a long time ago and Ubiquiti seems to be working on a path and a place where UISP Router devices will replace the Edge line, although that process is a slow one. One glaring missing feature was BGP which is one of the main features aded to the UISP Router with this firmware update. You can use a configuration file in FRR BGP format. There is also rate limiting on firewall rules as well as some other visual improvements.

At the moment, UISP Router 5.0.0 is in EA and will eventually be released to GA for everyone to use. Friendly reminder not to use EA software in a production environment.

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