Saturday, July 23, 2022
Alex Lowe

What apps and shops support Apple Wallet in the UK?

This is a complete guide to all the apps, shops and services in the United Kingdom that support Apple Wallet. Carrying around physical loyalty cards can be very impractical to manage and keep track off, even more so with the amount of different cards that exist at the moment.

This guide will only focus on apps and shops that support Apple Wallet natively. For those places that don’t support it yet there are apps that allow you to make your own but there is a more solid integration when the app provider does it themselves.

This page will be updated regularly as and when there are new additions.

[First Published: 23/07/22 – Last updated: 03/05/24]

How are we reviewing each reward card?

Here is a complete list of the apps, shops and services that support Apple Wallet. It’ll also cover how to access the card to initially add to Apple Wallet, what features it supports and if the app lets you sign up with ‘Sign In with Apple’.

Each section will cover:

  • Website – Link to company website
  • App – Link to App Store listing
  • Apple ID – Does the app let you sign up with your Apple ID?
  • How to get the card – Pointers on how to download the card
  • Benefits – What is the point of the loyalty card? Does it give you points to redeem at a later date or can you get discounts.

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