Windows 10 is just around the corner, with a release set for this summer but a lot of the operating system is still being worked on. The Insider Preview offers eager users to get early access to the beta and the new Music Preview is available in the Preview. Music Preview also uses Microsoft’s “Universal Apps” strategy. Universal Apps such as Mail, Music, News and Calendar on the PC share the same code as the mobile counterparts which for developers means less work.

The new Music app which was found by an eagle eyed Twitter user @BrownieTrav (via The Verge) on one of the Xbox Support pages.

In the picture below, users are forgiven for mistaking this for Spotify, because at first glance it does look very much like it. The current Music Preview app on Windows 10 is mainly white with a blue theme, but this redesign looks to further unify the design with some other apps on Windows 10, such as the Xbox app which has a mainly black theme.

The Music app will show songs from CDs and also any music copied to OneDrive that may have been purchased elsewhere.

For users using the Technical Preview, the Music Preview app needs to be downloaded from the Beta Store and will run alongside the standard Xbox Music app for the time being.

Windows 10 is expected to launch this summer for PC, with versions for Xbox One, Mobile and IoT coming later this year.