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Apple has finally released the next big update for the Mac, El Capitan. This date for release was never mentioned by Apple but was hinted by Craig Federighi earlier this month at the iPhone event in a demo. This release may disappoint users expecting big name features, but like iOS 9 there isn’t much going on visually but a whole lot under the hood to improve the experience and performance. OS X El Capitan is compatible on any Mac which is running Yosemite so that’s any iMac from 2007 onwards and most MacBooks, a full list of compatible models is at the end of the post.

Quick! Whats New?

Earlier in the year in June we did a comprehensive article on all the features in El Capitan, but the big features are Split View, significant improvements to Mission Control, Spotlight, Photos and Mail. The Notes app is now inline with iOS 9 in terms of features and Safari now has Pinned Tabs, Muted Tabs and added performance. Maps adds Transit and for Gamers, the Metal API can be used by developers for boosted performance. Along with loads more, check out our post for more.

Metal adds 10x draw call performance
Metal adds 10x draw call performance


Ok, so you’ve seen all the new features – now how to update. Sometimes Mac updates don’t get pushed right away, if you don’t see the update in the ‘Updates’ tab in the Mac App Store – just search El Capitan and then download and plus it’s free and a 6.08GB download.