With the recent unveiling of the brand new MacBook Pro with Touch ID and Touch Bar – Apple has silently killed off the old MacBook Pro without the retina display. In Apple’s entire computer line up there isnt one which features a disc drive.

It’s no surprise.

We know this, the entire tech industry introduces new technology and then eventually we can expect it to die, usually with Apple leading the charge. In the 90s with the first iMac; Steve Jobs famously chose not to include it with a floppy disc drive, instead only with a CD drive, people complained but since its announcement CDs and DVDs became popular.

Then in 2008 the MacBook Air was launched, it was one of the very first laptops on the market to not feature a CD/DVD drive – instead software updates and application installs were to be installed over the internet and today we find hardly any laptops with disc drives.


For users who are dead set on using DVDs and CDs with their Macs – Apple does still sell the SuperDrive, an external drive which connects via USB to allow you to read discs.