Today, Monzo have finally added support for Apple Pay, so you can now add your card onto your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to pay for items in stores or online. For Monzo, the decision to support Apple’s payment system can’t come at a better time as the tech support team have been inundated with the requests, as apparently they been asked about such feature around 13,000 times already. Also, for Monzo this makes so much sense too, as its company image is all about making banking and managing financing much convenient and easier for the consumer and systems like Apple Pay do this already. Also Monzo is mobile only and has no brick and mortar presence.

Now that Apple Pay has been supported by Monzo, the company is now also promoting some of the benefits of paying with your iPhone or Apple Watch in store, such as no actual card numbers are stored on the device or even used to authorise the payments etc.

What took so long?

According to TechCrunch, the application process for new banks to add its cards into Apple Pay is no simple process, as TechCrunch say – Google Pay has much less work involved and this is probably one of the contributing factors as to why Google Pay support was added in October 2017.

Source: Monzo (Twitter) & TechCrunch