Smart plugs aren’t usually the most interesting smart gadget you can get, the scope of what it can do extends to turning it on and off and setting up some automations. But Ubiquiti, a company best known for its UniFi line of enterprise networking equipment and airMAX and airFiber line of ISP backhaul equipment has launched a smart plug, but it is far more useful than any other one you have seen.

The UniFi Smart Power Plug sits in-between the mains socket and your modem or third party router, so that if the UniFi Controller detects a drop in the internet connection, it’ll restart the mains for that plug which fixes most issues with internet issues.

“Reboots the third-party internet modem or router when the UniFi Network Controller detects it is offline”


However it does require one of Ubiquiti’s latest UniFi Dream Machine models to work and it pairs with the UniFi Controller over WiFi on 2.4GHz.

UniFi Smart Power Plug is available on the Ubiquiti Store for $19