Ubiquiti is always expanding its line of UniFi products, in the last few months the company has launched the UniFi Dream Machine, UniFi Dream Machine Pro, UniFi Building Bridge, the new line of Gen2 UniFi Switches, a new UniFi plug and much more and now the company has introduced one of its most affordable UniFi devices yet, the new Flex Mini managed switch.

I have read on forums before that a lot of MSPs and system integrators regularly have remote locations in a clients office or behind a TV where they need basic network connectivity, without PoE and not expensive at all. A lot of the time, the network will be fully UniFi and then for that little switch, it’ll end up being Netgear or TP-Link which means you can’t see it on the UniFi Dashboard.

The new ‘USW Flex Mini’ seems to resolve that issue, it has five gigabit ports, which at $29 (£23) is brilliant, one of which can be PoE in as the switch can be powered from 802.3af PoE or via USB C if no PoE is available. Its fully managed, and can be adopted by the the UniFi SDN controller.

The USW Flex Mini is out now on the Ubiquiti Store, but not surprisingly, it is sold out.