Samsung first got involved with its own voice assistant back in 2012 and this was following on shortly after Siri launched on the iPhone 4s. Siri launched at the end of 2011 and S Voice launched in May 2012 and it never caught on, it was launched on the Galaxy S III and had a few issues and teething problems at the time. Siri since then, whilst it has its own share of issues is still around and is useful and can be found on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod and the iPod touch.

However, Samsung has launched Bixby recently but this hasn’t done well to catch on either. Samsung is phasing out S Voice on the 1st June this year and those devices which still have S Voice installed, such as the Gear S3 and the Gear Sport will get updates over the air to support Bixby.