Apple supports the Mac and its other devices for a long time with software updates and even after major updates are no longer provided, older Macs still get security updates and patches. This week, Apple has moved a couple of Mac laptops and an old iPod touch to the vintage section. Apple has moved the mid-2013 and the mid-2014 MacBook Air to vintage status, which means at some stage this laptops might not get the next major macOS update.

In fact MacBook Air models going back to 2012 still support macOS Catalina, so this by no means those laptops are instantly not supported. Apple has also moved the mid-2014 MacBook Pro to the vintage status too. With the MacBook Pro line, Apple also supports models as far back as 2012 too with macOS Catalina.

Also, the fifth generation iPod touch from 2012 is now on the vintage list, which makes sense as this device was released in the same year as the iPhone 5, but had the A5 chip from the iPhone 4s and its last supported OS was iOS 9.

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