Ford has some news regarding software updates for the new, upcoming Mustang Mach-E full EV. The car is currently up for reservation, starting at £40,270 here in the UK which gets you 280 miles of range.

Ford has revealed some information about how the over-the-air updates will work, very similar to what Tesla has been doing for years on its cars. Ford has said that once the car launches, the first updates should come six months after the car goes on sale, Ford has a new cloud based platform which will allow new updates to download to the car in the background. Some updates may be larger, so the car will request for this update to be scheduled over night while it is parked, again very similar to how Tesla operates its larger updates.


Ford Mustang Mach-E will start at £40,270 and for that you get – 280 miles of range, a 76kWh battery which has the equivalent of 254bhp. There is also an extended range version, starting at £50,000 exactly which has a much larger battery at 99kWh, which gives the Mach-E 370 miles of range.