This week, Volkswagen has stopped any new deliveries of the new Golf 8 due to a new software issue which has been discovered. Volkswagen has “immediately stopped delivering the Golf 8” to address the issue, which is related to contacting emergency services in the event of an accident.

The software for cars to detect and accident and then contact the emergency services is now a mandatory feature in the EU and has been since 2018 so it is vital Volkswagen sorted this issue out before delivering more cars to customers.

A&T Tech reached out to Volkswagen for a statement this week and they said:

“In the course of internal investigations, we have determined that individual Golf 8 vehicles may experience unreliable data transmission from the software on the control unit or the online connectivity unit (OCU3). As a result, the full functionality of the eCall/emergency call assistant cannot be guaranteed.”


Volkswagen has said a software update to fix the issue will be released in the next few days.