This week, Subaru has updated the BRZ sports coupe, it has a nice redesigned front end, thinner headlights and redesigned rear bumper as well as power to make it compete better in its class.

Subaru won’t be bringing the new BRZ to the UK, instead it’ll go on sale in Japan and the US only in 2021. However, like with the first generation Toyota GT86 and BRZ, the two companies are still working together and the second generation version of the GT86 is coming to the UK.

One of the major complaints with the first generation, was the lack of power and Subaru has improved it with 31bhp more and 44Nm more torque, now producing 228bhp and 249Nm from the 2.4-litre engine, which still remains un-turbocharged.

Inside there is the option of a six speed manual or six speed automatic.

At this time, no pricing is available – but expect similar to the outgoing car, which is £30,000 in the UK.