Today, Ubiquiti has launched its first UniFi Switch in the Enterprise product line within UniFi, sitting above Pro it is a layer 3 PoE switch and part of what makes it enterprise is the port speed as this is the first UniFi Switch to have 2.5GbE PoE ports, which Ubiquiti says will link “to your Wi-Fi 6 APs”.

Ubiquiti currently has two 802.11ax UniFi APs, with the UniFI 6 LR and 6 Lite and both have 1G ethernet ports, and some users have got very close to the gigabit mark in testing and what this switch confirms is that Ubiquiti is working on some more models with 2.5GbE ports for added capacity.

The Enterprise Switch 24 PoE has 12 2.5GbE ports with support for 802.3af and at PoE+, as well as 12 1GbE 802.3af/at PoE+ ports. Like all other 24 port switches, it also has two SFP ports for uplinking or downlinking using fibre, but they are 10GbE SFP+ ports in this model.

Ubiquiti has the UniFi Enterprise Switch 24 PoE on the official store at for $799 and in the UK and EU its up for £780.24 at