Since Apple launched its new Mac models with its own Apple Silicon chips inside, running any kind of Windows has been basically impossible, as Boot Camp itself isn’t supported on M1 Macs. For a long time, virtualisation software has been available on macOS, the most famous of which being Parallels and they have come to the rescue to get Windows 10 working on Arm based Macs.

Parallels has released an update to its app for the Mac this week, meaning running Windows 10 natively is now possible, and they are saying that the battery life is good and has “impressive performance” when compared to running Parallels on Intel Macs.

The only issue with running Windows 10 on Arm at this stage is where and how to get the copy of Windows 10 from. Microsoft is not making it publicly available as of yet and it is only accessible for PC companies. However, Microsoft is offering a preview build via its Insider Program for Windows.