This week, Vauxhall has announced the brand new eighth generation Astra hatchback which sits on a brand new platform from Stellantis with some plug-in hybrid options too.

The new Astra is completely redesigned with the striking ‘Vizor’ front grille, something that has made its way to the new Grandland and Mokka.

The Astra now sits on the EMP2 platform from Stellantis, which is shared between other models, including the new Peugeot 308 which is very similar to the new Astra, mechanically. This now leaves the Insignia saloon as the only car Opel and Vauxhall make that is still baed on an old GM platform.

Now that the new Astra is sharing the same Stellantis platform, it now gets the same engines as Peugeot with the option of PHEV powertrains, with a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol with the choice of 148bhp or 178bhp, which is then joined to a 109bhp electric motor to produce a total of 178bhp and 222bhp on each engine.

The included battery is rated at 12.4kWh and gives the Astra 31 miles of range on electric one mode.

In terms of design, we mentioned the new ‘Vizor’ front end, along with some small similarities to some Peugeot models, with a longer wheel base. Inside the Astra are a lot of new touches, many physical switches and buttons have been replaced with the main infotainment screen, which now includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

The new eighth generation Astra will go up for order this autumn with the first customer deliveries starting in early 2022. Vauxhall is yet to release any pricing information.