Volkswagen has recently introduced the new Taigo here in the UK, a new small crossover which shares its platform with the Polo and the similarly sized T-Cross. The Taigo is essentially the same size as the T-Cross, which itself sits in-between the T-Roc and the Tiguan. The Taigo is a coupe version of that car.

The car has been on sale as the Nivus in South America since last year and we reported earlier this year that the car would be coming to the UK and Europe and VW has recently announced it. The Taigo will go up for orders in the UK later this year, with first customer deliveries to start at the start of 2022.

In South America, VW only offers the Nivus with a 1.0-litre engine – but with the Taigo, VW has made three engines available, two are three cylinder with either 94bhp or 109bhp. The other choice is a four cylinder with 148bhp. The Taigo is only petrol and front wheel drive.

Volkswagen hasn’t mentioned pricing of the Taigo yet, but it’ll go on sale later in 2021.