Vauxhall has announced recently that is giving away 30,000 miles worth of free electricity for the home when a new fully electric Vauxhall car is purchased. The free electricity comes via a new tariff with British Gas. Vauxhall currently offers the Corsa-e, Mokkae (pictured) as well as the Combo-e Life and the Vivaro-e.

The free electricity comes via a credit, which will get reimbursed on the account. Customers will then have three years to take advantage of it, British Gas is also offering lower-cost electricity at off peak hours between 12am and 5am to charge the car.

“Our partnership with British Gas has motivated many to make the switch to an electric vehicle, and has helped ensure the all- electric Corsa-e is one of the UK’s most popular new electric cars.”

Paul Willcox, Managing Director – Vauxhall

Vauxhall is also offering a free Wallbox Pulsar Plus for charging at home.