MG has announced the new MG 5 EV estate, its all electric car which is destined to come soon to Europe, but the company hasn’t said anything yet whether or not a release to the UK is on the cards. The new car has a brand new design, which is much more aggressive than the outgoing model and the interior is similar to the new ZS EV which was announced last week, with a full widescreen infotainment screen.

MG has only confirmed a launch in Europe for the new MG 5 EV, it would make business sense to also launch it in the UK, as producing two versions of the same car would add more cost for MG.

It is set to be available early next year, with prices starting at €30,000 and full specifications are due to be announced. What we do know however, is the same battery pack and motor is used, providing 154bhp with a range of 249 miles from the 61.1kWh pack.