This week, Volkswagen has introduced its newest member in the ID family, yes its another SUV but this is more of a ‘coupe-like’ SUV, more so than the ID.4, which is already on sale. This is now the third car VW has launched under the ID brand, following on from the ID.3 and ID.4.

The ID.5 shares a lot of components with the ID.4, which is a much more chunky looking SUV, this has some swooping rooflines and is more like a a Sportback product from Audi.

As standard the ID.5 will come with rear wheel drive, with prices starting at around £47,000. The battery is a 77kWh unit, offering 172bhp or 201bhp, depending on what motor you choose. That battery gives the ID.5 a range of 323 miles. Charging is handled at 135kW, same as the ID.4.

Inside, there is a new updated infotainment system, which VW say offers faster response times, as the current version can be a tad laggy. On the GTX version, VW has added red ambient lighting and a GTI-like steering wheel. That perforce version has four wheel drive and 295bhp with 304 miles of range.

Volkswagen will launch the ID.5 in Q1 2022.