Ubiquiti has this week releases a major update for the UDM and UDM Pro, with version 1.11.0. The new release addresses a number of bugs that have been present for a while, as well as redesigns the entire dashboard.

One main issue fixed is throughput when using PPPoE on WAN. For a while now, users have complained about low throughput on download, which has consistently been around half when using full gigabit connections. Many users on the official Ubiquiti forums and Reddit have now confirmed that this new update addresses that problem.

The UDM-Base also now supports WPA3, inline with other UniFi Access Points and finally, devices can now be set up without the requirement to use an SSO account, something which many users have complained about for a while now.

Version 1.11.0 is available to download to your UDM Pro or UDM-Base now, from the local portal or via unifi.ui.com.