Philips has unveiled some new HomeKit compatible lights within its Hue platform, with some new wall mountable outdoor lights as well as new candle and fireplace modes for existing models.

Signify, which currently owns Philips Hue has announced three new models for outdoor use and they’ll all go on sale later this spring in the US only. There will be the Philips Hue Inara wall light offered, Lucca  and Resonate.

The Inara will be available on 1st March for $99.99 and looks more vintage with a filament bulb inside. However, this bulb can’t change colours but the brightness can be changed.

The Lucca is also $99.99 and will be available on 1st March and supports colour changing with a more bold look.

The Resonate is $159.99 and will be available on 1st March and can shoot light upwards and downwards with the option for white or coloured light.

Philips is also adding some new light features with effects for candle and fireplace