Ubiquiti has today released its first new piece of hardware under the UISP line, with the UISP Switch. The UISP line is aimed directly at the growing WISP market and Ubiquiti say it is perfect for ‘MicroPoP’ applications.

To this end, this is why the UISP Switch only supports 24v passive PoE outputs, as all of Ubiquiti’s airMAX and LTU line uses this PoE standard and has done for many years. It has eight PoE ports and one 1GB SFP port and can be used with the UISP application for remote management, gathering statistics and more.

For those WISP deployments, you can pair the UISP Switch with something like the EdgePower 24 and a lead acid battery for a seamless and easy to use UPS battery backup system.

The new UISP Switch is on sale now in the US, EU and UK via the official Ubiquiti online store. Priced at $139 in the US, €143.99 in the EU and £119.31 in the UK.

US Store link

EU and UK Store link