Ubiquiti has today introduced a new GPON CPE for its UFiber platform, this time with an upgraded integrated WiFi 6 access point. Ubiquiti already has an existing GPON CPE with a WiFi AP built in but it is only 802.11n.

Ubiquiti has offered its UFiber platform for a number of years now, aimed at ISPs to deploy FTTP connections to communities and towns, in a cost effective way. The benefit of having a WiFi AP built into the CPE is that customer installations don’t need a separate router to be powered, so the WiFi GPON units are perfect for smaller installations.

The UF-WiFi6 has one GPON WAN port and four RJ45 LAN ports.

The new UF-WiFi6 is on sale now on the official Ubiquiti store in the US for $99.