Ubiquiti has this week launched the new LTU Instant, sold in a five pack. This is sold as the feed horn only and makes a more cost effective way for WISP operators to upgrade their CPE devices from the airMAX platform to LTU. The feed horn is the exact same shape and design as the one found in the LiteBeam AC Gen (LBE-5AC-Gen2) and can be swapped out in a few minutes.

The pack comes with five feed horn and five PoE injectors.

The LTU product line is designed as a upgraded version of the airMAX AC product family and due to its big performance gains, it is incompatible with airMAX and needs new hardware to work. LTU offers operations a lot more features and benefits, such as AP controlled deice management and frequency splitting.

The new LTU Instant five pack is up for sale now on store.ui.com for $479. It is not yet offered in the EU and UK.