Toyota’s first all electric vehicle, the bZ4X will go on sale in the US later this spring with prices starting at $42,000. It is due to be available at delayers soon and have a range of 252 miles, which is competitive for this size of SUV.

The bZ4X isn’t technically Toyota’s first EV, the company did release an electric RAV4, but that was a bit weird. The base model bZ4X will start at $42,000, have 252 miles of range, be front wheel drive and have all the modern amenities inside, such as a WiFi Hotspot, large 12.3-inch touchscreen with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. There are USB ports galore, both the older Type-A and newer Type-C for all kinds of phones as well as wireless charging too.

Toyota will be offering AWD options on some trim levels. Jumping up from the base XLE model, is the ‘Limited’ model which starts at $46,700 and adds more luxurious materials throughout and better seats.

Toyota offers the bZ4X with a 6.6kW charger, which will charge up the car from nearly empty to 100% in nine hours. However, a nice bonus is that Toyota is offering one year free, unlimited charging at EVgo points throughout the US.