Back in June last year, Volkswagen Ralf Brandstatter, the Volkswagen CEO shared a post on LinkedIn of some images of what he called at the time, the Volkswagen ID.X. A four wheel drive version of the ID.3 with more power. He also made it very clear that the car is just a demo of what Volkswagen could do and that it doesn’t show that a new car was coming.

However, it looks like that car is coming after all. Whilest speaking at the launch of the new ID.5 SUV in Austria, a spokesperson from VW said the new ID.3 GTX will be coming in 2023. It’ll come at the same time as a ID.3 facelift. The ID.3 GTX won’t be quite as powerful as the concept from 2021 which had 329bhp, it is more realistic to assume the ID.3 GTX will share the same motor as the ID.4 GTX which has 295bhp.