Apple has today revealed both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, in a surprise announcement just a few weeks ahead of WWDC 2023. Both applications will be available on May 23rd via the App Store and will be using a subscription model, with prices from $4.99 per month in the US or $49 per year. Apple will also offer a one month free trial. So far, Final Cut Pro will only be compatible with iPad models that have the M1 chip or later and Logic Pro will work on iPads with the A12 Bionic chip or later.

Final Cut Pro has always been a macOS exclusive software package and looks pretty identical on the iPad. There is a new digital jog wheel to help users navigate the Magnetic Timeline, move items around and hopefully be as efficient as using a mouse or trackpad. Apple Pencil is also supported and can be used to hover and view footage. The larger 12.9-inch iPads supports editing HDR footage.

Logic Pro is like GarageBand maxed out on the iPad, it definitely takes advantage of the touchscreen with instruments to play as well as mixers, virtual interfaces and much more.