Renault has recently added a new cheaper care to its Clio lineup, this time without any hybrid technology. The new pure petrol option builds on top of the current Clio, which was only refreshed earlier this year and up until now, it has been hybrid only. The new option costs £3,500 less than the other models and comes in at just £17,795 in the UK.

Renault has said this change is in direct repose to the current cost of living crisis

“We are committed to becoming 100% electrified in the UK thanks to Renault’s E-Tech electric technology, available in both 100% electric and full-hybrid powertrains. The new Renault Clio will launch with an E-Tech full-hybrid engine. In order to meet the needs of some customers in a difficult economic climate, the new Clio will also be available with a TCe petrol engine.”

Renault UK

The full hybrid engine has 143bhp and the new TCe petrol engine has a 89bhp engine. The hybrid uses a 1.6-litre petrol engine and two electric motors with a combined 143bhp and 151lb ft of torque. The TCe 90 is a 1.0-litre unit with 89bhp and 118lb ft torque. The 1.0-litre is used elsewhere in the Renault group, found in the current Dacia Sandero.

The price of £17,795 is pretty competive, the hybrid Clio is £21,295, the Peugeot 208 is £20,610 and the Hyundai i20 is £20,770.