Thursday, May 12, 2022
Alex Lowe

Cuckoo launches ‘Eggspress WiFi’ service to get new customers online faster

Cuckoo – you might not have heard of them, but its a small UK ISP founded by Alexander Fitzgerald. This week it has launched a new product, which it claims is a world first called “24-Hour Eggspress Wi-Fi”. The premise is simple, you order a new service from Cuckoo and they’ll aim to get you online, up and running in less than 24 hours. The standard wait time for switching providers is around 14 days in the UK.

However, while this might seem amazing, Cuckoo is basically sending out a 4G dongle via a same day courier. The company says you can use this to get online until the physical line connection is fitted some days later, once it is simply send the dongle back to Cuckoo in the post. Typically, most ISPs now are offering 4G dongles as a backup service.

Cuckoo is parenting with Packfleet, a same day courier start up in London and it’ll aim to get out to you in a few hours. The 4G dongle does cost an extra £40 art the checkout, it does come with unlimited data however. Once your Cuckoo broadband has been installed, the company asks you send it back within 30 days, or you can keep it for another £40.

Cuckoo is offering this in London at first, with plans to offer a 5G option and hopefully roll it out UK wide.

Source: Cuckoo

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