April 16, 2024
Alex Lowe

Fastned opens its first motorway service station in Belgium

Riding on the pioneering heels of Toddington Harper and Gridserve, Fastned is now looking to make headways into the future of motorway service stations with its first location, which only caters to electric car drivers. Although there isn't anything stopping you if you have a combustion car visiting for a coffee, of course. The new location is located on the E19 in Brecht, Belgium, between Antwerp and Breda and only offers electric car driving, so no option for fossil fuel refilling here. Fastned calls this the "motorway service station of the future."

Find the location on zapmap here.

The building itself is made out of sustainable wood, but is designed to be very energy efficient, with solar panels on the roof and heat pump too. Inside, there are comfy sofas, toilets and Bocca coffee.

Fastned is aiming to open 34 of these new motorway locations in Germany, which comes after a tender was won to do so. At this location there are eight CCS2 chargers, offering up to 300kW and two CHAdeMO offering 50kW. Pricing is €0.57/kWh which equates to around £0.49/kWh in the UK.

Source: Fastned

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