Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Alex Lowe

GWM Ora renames the Funky Cat, now Ora 03 plus some other changes

We reported late last year that GWM Ora was planning to rebrand the Funky Cat to GWM Ora 03 and this will follow on with the new GWM Ora 07 saloon car, the name of which was unknown until November 2023. In other markets, the ca was known as the Lightning Cat. However, just this week the rebranding exercise has commenced with renamed model lineup, more finance deals and new colour options.

For starters, the Funky Cat branding has been removed and will now instead be known as the Funky Cat. Here in the UK, we’re a conservative bunch and the idea of a car having cat in its name has likely put some people off. However, there are plenty of people out there who do like it (yours truly included) but as Ora need to increase sales, it is important.

Secondly the First Edition and First Edition+ models have also been renamed as Pure+ and Pro+. The entry level model has a 48kWh battery with 193 miles of range and is priced from £31,995. The Pro+ plus has a larger 63kWh battery with 260 miles of range and is priced from £31,995. On the latter you also get a new panoramic sunroof, heated and massaging seats as well as front parking sensors.

Where they also differ is the battery chemistry, the Pure+ model uses a Lithium Ion battery whereas the Pro+ has a Ternary Lithium battery instead. Ternary Lithium is known for having battery resistance in colder weathers, so it should behave better in the winter. Charging speeds are unchanged from before, with a maximum of 64kW.

Ora is also offering some new colours, with a metallic Moonlight White paint and contrasting Starry Black roof which looks like sleek. The company is also offering the Pure+ model from £228 per month with 0% APR finance options too.

The new GWM Ora 03 is available now.

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