Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Alex Lowe

Honda e:Ny1 to be renamed with next refresh

The Honda e:Ny1 is a super disappointing car all in all. We reviewed it earlier this year over on the interface Cars YouTube channel, but in short, weird name, lofty price tag and lacklustre efficiency and range. Not to mention the woeful charging speeds too. However, Honda did at least drop the pricerecently to make the e:Ny1 a bit more attractive.

New name

At the recent Beijing motor show, Honda debuted its new naming scheme for its upcoming EVs. Starting with the Ye P7 which will go on sale in China later in 2024. The only EV Honda currently sells in the UK is the e:Ny1, which is imported from China. When the car is facelifted, the model will get a new name, however, that name won’t be used in Europe.

A new update of the model is expected to come later this year with some design elements seen on the new P7, such as an illuminated Honda badge. In China, the e:Ny1 is called either the e:NP1 or e:NS1. The different names are used depending on which joint venture was used to make the car, either Dongfeng or GAC. The new name could be simply Y1 in Europe.

The current e:Ny1 is on sale in the UK priced from £39,995 and is the only EV that the Japanese manufacturer offers in the UK.

Honda e:Ny1 Review

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