Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Alex Lowe

MG announce new all-electric MG 5 estate, starting at £25k

MG has today announced the new MG 5 estate and this is the only all electric estate care currently on the market Europe. The MG 5 is based on the existing Roewe Ei5 from China, Roewe is owned by SAIC, who is the parent company of MG and has been since 2006.

The MG 5 has two trim levels available, the Excite and the Exclusive. Both models have the same drivetrain with a 52.2kWh battery, which is water cooled. 0-60mph is achieved in 7.7 seconds with a top speed of 115mph. Power is 154bhp with a WLTP range of 214 miles.

MG5 Interior

A few changes were made from the Roewe Ei5 to make it suit the UK market better. Power was increased from 112bhp to 154bhp and the torque, from 188lb ft to 192lb ft. Prices start at £24,995 for the Excite and £26,995 for the Exclusive. Order books are open from this week, with deliveries starting in November.

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