Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti debuts new UDM Pro Max, with up to 5Gbps routing performance

This week, Ubiquiti has revealed the latest generation of the UniFI Dream Machine, with the UDM Pro Max. This device takes the original UDM Pro and turbocharges it. The design is pretty similar, with a 1U rack mount form factor, 1.3-inch touchscreen, eight port switch and other interfaces. However, the UDM Pro Max is all about redundancy, in quite a lot of ways. To start, we now have two 3.5-inch hard drive bays, which support RAID for UniFi Protect and also with an upcoming high availability mode, two UDM Pro Max devices can be ran in parallel for one to take over if something goes wrong.

The new UDM Pro Max is also much more powerful than the UDM Pro and UDM SE. For starters, we now have a quoted '2x' increase in compute power, for much faster routing. The UDM Pro has a Quad-core ARM A57 CPU, clock at 1.7GHz and 4GB of DDR4 RAM. The new UDM Pro Max has the same CPU, but now running at 2.0GHz and 8GB of DDR4 memory. eMMC storage is also doubled, now at 32GB vs 16GB.

Just like the UDM SE, the UDM Pro Max now has a 128GB SSD useful for storing some UniFi Protect footage.

For the interfaces, the RJ45 WAN port is now 2.5GbE, just like the UDM SE and the two SFP ports are also the same, at 10G. Where that upgraded hardware helps is in the routing, so the UDM Pro Max will route 10Gbps line speed, but with IDS and IPS enabled it'll now do 5Gbps, vs the 3.5Gbps we saw on the UDM Pro and UDM SE.

The new UDM Pro Max is on sale in the US from Ubiquiti direct for $599 and it is listed as coming soon in the UK, priced at £574.80. For reference the UDM Pro is $379 in the US and £363.60 in the UK.

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