Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti debuts new UniFi Pro Max 16 models

Ubiquiti has today debuted some new smaller switches in its expanding line of Pro Max models. The new UniFi Pro Max 16 switches are a bit narrower than a standard rack so Ubiquiti does include some rack ears in the box and interestingly, the power supply is external. To combat the weirdness in the rack, Ubiquiti does also make a unique shelf which houses the PSU and its cables. That shelf is a $49 accessory, however.

In terms of what the new switch models offer, there are two models, one with PoE and one without. The one with PoE has all of the ports being capable of delivering power. However, not all of them are the same. There are 16 ports, but twelve of them are GbE with PoE+ and then four are 2.5GbE with PoE++. Being Pro Max models though, we do at least get two 10GB SFP+ ports for uplinking. Total PoE budget here is 180W.

Also, being Pro Max, Ubiquiti has decked out both models with its new Etherlighting feature, as you can see in the header image.

The non-PoE model is the exact same, it has 16 ethernet ports, twelve of which are GbE and then the other four are 2.5GbE.

The new UniFi Pro Max 16 models are on sale today, priced from $279 for the non-PoE and $399 for the PoE.

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