Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti debuts the new UniFi Access Ultra

Ubiquiti has launched the new UniFi Access Ultra, a device coming in at $129 in the US and makes getting into the UniFi Access platform much cheaper. Ubiquiti is marketing this as a way to control just one door at a time from a single hub, replacing the need (for smaller installs) for the UniFi Access Hub. Ubiquiti will still of course offer those as more accessories such as cameras and door exit readers can be added. The UA-Ultra has one 12V/1A lock terminal and one exit request input, the suggested device for this is a simple push-to-exit button.

The Access Ultra also supports NFC, powered by PoE and is IP55 weather resistant.

The new UA-Ultra is on sale now for $129 in the US, direct from Ubiquiti.

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