Monday, March 4, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti has a new USB-C cable with display available

Ubiquiti has recently and quite quietly added a new USB-C cable to the official Ubiquiti store, under the AmpliFi brand which in the past has been used for home WiFi routers, mesh systems and other consumer style devices. However, this new cable seems like a departure from what the brand has been offering before and has quite unique feature.

The new ‘AFi-Cable-USB’ is available in either 0.3m, 2m, 4.5m or 7m and it features a display on one end which will tell you how much power is being delivered to the device and whether or not is is doing USB Power Delivery (USB PD) or not. The cable is limited to 480mbps on only the 0.3m and 2m lengths and the 4.5m or 7m lengths don’t do any data at all, just power.

All cables can deliver a max of 100W and are braided.

The new ‘AFi-Cable-USB’ is available now in the EU, US and Canada. In the UK, it is listed as coming soon. Prices range from $19 for the 0.3m all the way up to $59 for 7m.

UK Store Link
EU Store Link
Canada Store Link
US Store Link

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