Thursday, March 21, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti launches new UVC-G5-Turret-Ultra camera

Ubiquiti has today revealed two brand new cameras for UniFi Protect. The first one is the G5 Turret Ultra and marks the first of a line of new cameras under the new Ultra umbrella. We already have new Ultra Switch devices and the UK-Ultra access point, which are designed to be low cost, have good performance and have a lot of flexibility in its mounting.

The new G5 Turret Ultra can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, arm mount on a building corner, junction box for a pole or pendant. To also make the installation a bit easier, Ubiquiti has moved the Ethernet cable from being on the actual device to having a fixed cable with female Ethernet jack.

Box contents

G5 Turret Ultra Specs

  • 2K 4MP 30FPS sesnor
  • 102.4° viewing angle
  • 30m / 98ft IR night vision
  • Smart detections (people, animals, cars etc)
  • IP66 weather rated

The new G5 Turret Ultra is listed as coming soon in the UK and costs £94.80. In the US it is available today for $129. In the EU it is available today for €97.20 and in Canada for $169.

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