Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti launches new white colour option for G4 Doorbell Pro PoE

Ubiquiti has recently added a new colour option for the AI Pro camera and now, it is the turn of the G4 Doorbell Pro PoE. Ubiquiti has added a new white option to the store, priced the same as the existing black one. This gives customers and installers some more flexibility with installation as it’ll now better match the exterior of buildings. With the original G4 Doorbell, that was only available in white and had some skins available. Ubiquiti now has quite a few options for powering the doorbell, with spade connectors and using WiFi for connectivity, USB-C for power and WiFi, USB-C with an Ethernet adaptor or the most recent model, with PoE.

The new white G4 Doorbell Pro PoE is the same price as the black one, from £363.60 in the UK, $379 in the US, $507 in Canada or €430.80 in the EU.

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