Sunday, November 26, 2023
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti launches new white option for UVC-AI-Pro

This week, Ubiquiti has added a new colour option to the UVC-AI-Pro, a camera that was previously only available in black. Since Ubiquiti started offering its line of AI cameras, they have only been available in black, for example the AI Bullet, the AI Pro up until now, the AI 360 and the AI DSLR. Ubiquiti has likely had some requests for a new colour, as sometimes black doesn’t work against some buildings, but they need the licence plate detection that you get with this camera, rather than using the G4 or G5 Pro.

The new white AI Pro is now available in the US, for the same price as the black one for $499 and in Canada for $669. (currently sold out) In the EU and UK, it is listed as “coming soon” and priced from €550.80 and £478.80 respectively.

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