Sunday, November 12, 2023
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti releases new Enterprise Access Hub

Ubiquiti is moving to the next step of expanding its line of door access devices, with UniFi Access. The current line of devices has been out for a handful of years now and earlier this week, the company has announced a new Access hub to power everything with. The new hub is much larger than the original model and much more expensive too.

We now have everything enclosed inside a steel cabinet, with eight lock terminals, 8+8 inputs for things like door position sensors and request-to-exit devices as well as eight PoE ports and four AUX terminals for chimes, door openers and sirens.

This time, the hub cannot be powered by PoE due to the amount of devices itself can power. However, it now has a terminal for a lead acid battery which can be used to power redundancy and the whole thing is powered by an internal power supply.

The new UniFi Enterprise Access Hub is listed on the official Ubiquiti stores, with prices starting at £958.80 in the UK, $999 in the US, €1,137.60 in the EU and $1,336 in Canada.

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