Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Talk 2.2.0 with support for the UK

Last night, Ubiquiti released the first version of the UniFi Talk application that contains support for the UK. UniFi Talk was released around three years ago and has since been launched in the US and Canada. Just a few days ago, we reported that Ubiquiti had delayed the launch of UniFi Talk in the UK by a few weeks, this was according to a Ubiquiti Community post from UI-Glenn which alluded to this. However, last night (UK time), Ubiquiti launched UniFi Talk 2.2.0 which among other improvements, contains support for the UK. At the moment, some of the hardware is available, although the white locked Phone Touch was on sale briefly on 13th November.

As of today, the two phone models are on sale in the UK, in both unlocked and locked versions. Ubiquiti does charge a hefty premium for the unlocked phones, which is to be expected as they are missing out on UniFi Talk revenue. The UTP-Touch is priced from £70.80 (incl VAT) and the UTP-TouchMax from £118.80. The UT-ATA is still, at the time of writing is listed as “Coming soon.”

Numbers are available for all counties in the UK, priced from £7.99 per number for 3,000 monthly minutes.

UniFi Talk is hosted on the UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus, UDM SE, UDM Pro, UDW or the UDR. The hard drive on those devices is used for the optional call recording, which is done on device. The software also supports very customisable voicemail, transcriptions, call flow, routing and much more.

Our Take

It is worth bearing in mind that this release is in Early Access (EA) and will not yet, be ready for prime time. It is generally ill-advised to use this in a production environment. At this stage, a few things such as number porting are missing. Use this release to do testing if you are planning on rolling out UniFi Talk to somewhere where it’ll be a primary phone service.

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