Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Alex Lowe

UISP Switch 1.8.0 now available, adds remote access feature

This week, Ubiquiti has released UISP Switch 1.8.0 and supports the UISP Switch, Switch Pro and Switch Plus. The new update has the usual bug fixes and security improvements but it does add an interesting new feature which lets you remote into the UISP Switch using the UISP Application. With version 1.6.0 back in November, Ubiquiti added the initial support for the local web interface on the UISP Switch devices and subsequently on the UISP Router and Console too.

Ubiquiti also added support for remote access via the UISP Application to the EdgeRouter and also UISP Router.

UISP Switch 1.8.0 is available now.

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