Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Alex Lowe

Volkswagen ID.7 EV estate announced with 426 mile range

This week, Volkswagen has announced the new ID.7 Tourer, an all-new, all-electric estate car from the company. At the moment, there aren’t many EV estate cars on the market, the first one was the MG5 and then in the first few months of 2024, Volkswagen has launched this and BMW announced the i5 Touring. Volkswagen has already put the saloon version of the ID.7 on sale, but the estate will arrive in the second half of 2024.

The car is 4,961mm long, 1,862 mm wide and 1,536mm tall making it a similar size to the BMW i5 Touring. The VW has a 545 litre boot, whereas the BMW has 570 litres.

Volkswagen will be offering the ID.7 Tourer in just two trim levels, Tourer Pro and Pro S. The first one has a 77kWh battery pack and charging speeds of 175kW with 10-80% taking around 28 minutes. The Pro S has a larger battery, at 86kWh and an impressive range of 426 miles. This model also charges at 200kW.

Inside, Volkswagen has made a lot of changes to the interior, with a new 15-inch touchscreen as seen on the ID.7 saloon and the company has said this has vast improvements when it comes to the responsiveness of the display. Also, VW has integrated a new voice assistant which utilises ChatGPT but this feature will come in a future software update.

The new ID.7 Tourer will arrive later this year with prices yet to be revealed, but we estimate it to be around £50,000-£55,000.

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