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Visiting the Windows Store for apps at the moment does a have a random list of new apps and some of the old ones for Windows 8 when the store debuted, but finding those new apps which have been optimised for Windows 10 on the desktop and Windows 10 Mobile can be a little bit difficult. But now Microsoft have added labels to those shiny new apps that have been made with Windows 10 in mind, each app will have ‘Built for Windows 10’ label underneath it to differentiate those apps which are universal.

Windows 10

Microsoft are still pushing Windows 10 as we now have around 200 million installs so far, the free offer ends in July so there are still a lot of users using the ageing yet solid Windows 7 and the crippled Windows 8. But Microsoft have changed a lot of things such as now being more open with what fixes have been made in the updates and those bug fixes are coming through fast so any users holding off in fear of it being unstable may want to give it a go now.

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