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Earlier this week, Tesla surprised everyone with a revised version of the Model S bringing a new front grill, actually removing it entirely to bring the design inline with the new Model X SV and slightly revised headlights. Since its original introduction in 2012 the Model S has many revisions but the latest one is the first to change the appearance this much. This new model brings the look more inline with the latest Model 3 and Model X cars.

With the revised Model S, Tesla haven’t just changed the looks the car can now go further on one charge, Tesla is saying that the 90D and P90D models can go around 20 miles further, although impressively without any hardware enhancements that we can tell from the website. The standard 90D still has the same 90-kWh battery and can do around 294 miles on one charge. Also Tesla have improved the cars charing time by including a more powerful charging unit, from 40-amps to 48-amsp, Tesla are stating that it can now charge around 30-miles per hour.

The new Model S also has additional optional extras which bring it inline with the newer Model X SUV, one is the HEPA air-filtration system, which at $3000 extra to the base price is a lot, it does make the cabin air cleaner and does a good job of removing the exhaust air from the outside. The new updated Model S is available now, starting at $72,700.